Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Thomas Capano Anne Marie Fahey Case

Facts in the case of Anne Marie Fahey
by Traciy Curry-Reyes

Wilmingon Delaware 1996

Anne Marie Fahey, a secretary, disappeared on June 27, 1996. When she fails to show up for dinner at her brothers house her sister goes to her apartment to check on her. Her keys, purse, and make up is all there. But, she is not. This is completely out of character for her.

Her sister searches for clues in her apartment, and they found her diary. In her diary Anne detailed her relationship with  a secret lover, an attorney named Tom Capano. Tom was a very wealthy attorney. Anne was having an affair with him for about a year and a half. He was very cultured, he was very powerful, and he liked to flaunt it. He was always in the company of high society. He also had a wife and children. He was never faithful to his wife. He had a ton of women, and frequently set up secret meetings with them. Anne was just one of the many girlfriends that he had. Ann loved the attention and gifts that she received for a while, but she soon lost interest. When he told her that he wanted to leave his wife and children, she broke up with him. She wanted a different kind of lifestyle. Tom was the type of man that did not accept no for an answer. He had a terribly abusive side. He was a psychopath, and Anne detailed all of his crazy behavior in her diary.

Her disappearance was front page news because she was the governor's secretary. The case was so big that even President Clinton called the governor to offer some assistance in her disappearance. A full investigation was launched. They tracked her cell phone, and her last whereabouts. There was nothing. The case went cold.

During the police investigation, detectives learned that on June 27, 1996, Tom takes Anne out to dinner and he is livid because she will not continue the relationship with him. People observe the tense conversation between them. It is the last time anyone sees her. She leaves the restaurant with Tom Capano. The housekeeper told police that the carpet was different and the furniture had been changed. In the search of his home three drops of blood were found. The police learned from her diary that she had given blood. The police used that blood to match it against the blood found at the scene. And it was a match. With no body, the police knew that they had to do everything possible to nail Tom Capano. So the police started putting pressure on Tom's brother Jerry. They told him that they would arrest him on federal charges if he did not tell them what he knows about Anne Marie Fahey. So he told the police every detail of what he knew. He said that  Tom asked him to get rid of a problem, and that he needed the boat. He helped his brother load an ice chest onto the boat, and that Tom dumped the chest containing the woman's body, in the ocean, but the chest would not sink. So Jerry shoots the chest. And it still would not sink. Finally, Tom retrieved the ice chest and opened it. Jerry walked away so that he couldnt see anything, but when he did turn around to look he saw a leg sinking into the ocean with a chain around it. Thomas Capano is arrested. When the details of the arrest came out, a fisherman remembered seeing an ice chest with gunshot holes in the ocean. The fisherman had retrieved the ice chest and kept it. The police retrieved it, and it was the ultimate proof that the police needed to proved that Jerry's story was true. When confronted by police, Tom blamed his girlfriend Debbie. He said that she had a gun in her purse and that she pulled out the gun because she was angry that she had found Tom with Anne. According to Capano, they struggled for the gun, and it accidentally went off and killed Anne Marie instantly. No one believed his story. His former girlfriend, denied having any part in her murder.  According to the prosecution, Anne went back to Toms's house after they left the restaurant. At some point, he became enraged and shot her in the back of the head when she was not looking. The jury returned a verdict of guilty. He was sentenced to death, but it is later commuted to life without parole. He was found dead in his cell in 2011.

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